Things To Know Before Going To A Diagnostic Centre


A diagnostic test is very helpful in identifying problems at an early stage. These tests provide the doctors with clear 2D, 3D, or 4D images of internal organs, muscles and tissues. The doctor studies these images to accurately diagnose any health issue that you may have, and advise you the right treatment for the same. In some cases, a diagnostic test can also be used as a proactive measure to prevent yourself from certain ailments.

Are you planning to visit one of the many CT scan centres in Bangalore for a proactive test, or a test advised by your doctor? Here are a few points you need to keep in mind in that case.

Know about the types of tests

Many people get uncomfortable about taking a diagnostic test because they aren’t aware of the details of these tests. Knowledge is the only way to get rid of your fear and discomfort when visiting a diagnostic centre. When you visit the best diagnostic centre in Bangalore, the radiologists there will brief you on the different types of tests available at your disposal.

Some may include only a single blood test, while others may include a package of over 20 vital tests. Go through these packages in detail to know which ones might help you. Mostly, packages with multiple tests are available at attractive discounts; hence, you may want to consider them for your periodic checks for yourself and your family members.

Fasting for the test

Some tests may not require you to fast for 10 to 12 hours before, but some like blood sugar tests, lipid profile testing and the like will require you to fast for at least 10 hours before the test is being taken.

Check the same with your doctor or radiologist before you undergo the test, so that the reports are an accurate representation of your health. Not knowing the prerequisites and conditions for the testing may result in the report showing severe anomalies, and the doctor may ask you to do a retest if he finds something fishy in these reports.

Blood sample is obtained as part of the tests

While some diagnostic tests involve X-rays and scans, most of them will require the technician to draw blood from your veins. As a first-timer, you may feel a bit nervous when going to the diagnostic centre; however, please be assured that all you feel is just a prick, like an ant bite.

The technician will draw the required quantity of blood and send it to the lab for further testing. The entire process will only take a few minutes.

Home services offered

Today, with changing times, diagnostic testing has become a lot more comfortable and painless than before.

If you have opted for the services of the best diagnostic centre in Bangalore, or elsewhere, you can be assured that a technician will visit your home to take the tests, when you book a day or two prior.

The results will be sent to you in your email on the same day of the test or within a maximum time of 48 hours.


It is time to get rid of the fear associated with diagnostic testing and embrace the importance of such tests. When it concerns your health, it is a good idea to be proactive, and diagnostic tests help you with that exactly.

Your doctor would recommend certain tests for you based on your current symptoms, age and gender. Get these tests done at the intervals recommended by your expert, and you will have these diagnostic tests to thank for, as they play a big role in helping you maintain the overall quality of your life.

You could also check with your health insurance policy to see if it covers the cost of these tests. If yes, you don’t have to spend anything out of your pocket when visiting the diagnostic centre.



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