Main Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Diapers

Though generic disposable diapers have been in the game for long enough, not everyone was as aware of their harmful after-effects as they are now. With recent intervention, a lot of toxic chemicals and their harmful effects have been brought to light. At the same time, their healthier and greener alternatives have been in full swing in delivering nothing short of excellence.

The most popular alternative for generic disposable diapers is bamboo diapers which are not only known for their near to nature feel on the toddler’s skin but also because of the ability to dramatically decrease the carbon footprint that we leave behind. 

Bamboo diapers help the environment:

While this might seem obvious, it is quite essential to know how bamboo diapers can help the environment in comparison to their generic disposable diapers. For starters, bamboo is a naturally organic fiber. To top up that, it is a hundred percent biodegradable.

That’s the real catch as compared to the five hundred years that the generic diaper takes to decompose, it only takes seventy-five days for the rash free diapers to decompose. Also, interestingly, bamboo releases 30% more oxygen as compared to other trees of equal mass. An excellent source for the absorption of greenhouse gases, they produce a staggering amount of clean, fresh oxygen.

So just a small switch to bamboo diapers can dramatically change the carbon footprints that we leave behind. Also, bamboo crops help enrich the soil and are among one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Also, these plants are easily cultivated without the aid of additional chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.

With so many advantages to back up, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t opt for bamboo diapers instead of generic ones.

Perfect for your baby’s soft sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric is also referred to as “artificial silk”. The reason behind the name stands for the fact that this fibre is incredibly soft and gentle. Also, the diapers made out of bamboo are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial and help eliminate odour-causing bacteria. These properties are quite rare when put in comparison to generic disposable diapers.

To add more credits, the bamboo diapers are also naturally hypoallergenic which means that they are most suitable for the most sensitive areas of the baby. It also reduces the appearance of diapers rashes. These diapers require fewer layers of material, and hence offer a trimmer fit with a comparatively more breathable fabric.    This prevents sagging, irritation, leakage, and rashes.

Know what’s inside your toddler’s diapers:

As parents, we thoroughly check out every ingredient of the eatables that our kid consumes. Then why leave behind checking out for the ingredients of the diapers. Diapers come in close contact with the most sensitive part of the baby for years. And hence the kid is susceptible to acquiring life-threatening conditions promoted by toxic chemicals like phthalates, dyes, and so on, which can easily be found in generic disposable diapers.

The bamboo diapers on the other hand are fully organic, tender on the baby’s sensitive skin, and do not contain any form of harmful carcinogens like polymers, plastics, perfumes, dioxins, and harmful synthetic intrusions.

Mostly made from organic corn and bamboo pulp, the bamboo diapers are known to provide a cushiony softness to your baby’s bottom, all the while keeping them dry and rash-free. There are also daytime and nighttime diapers that can be used accordingly.

The difference between these two diapers is that of absorbency. The nighttime diapers are mostly bulky and more absorbent. The bamboo diapers are naturally highly absorbent and coupled up with a thicker nighttime diaper would simply mean that you and your baby can now steal away some more hours of good sleep.

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