Best Space Saving Furniture For Your Budget

When it comes to choosing furniture for your homes, especially small homes, a little bit of smartness can go a long way. With the changing times today, many youngsters move out of their parents’ homes and rent/buy small spaces for themselves. Many furniture companies have come up with some brilliant designs of space-saving furniture, to cater to the demands of these people. Listed below are a few idea of space-saving furniture that people of all budget levels should think of investing in.

Murphy Bed

One of the modern space-saving furniture pieces you should buy for small homes is a Murphy bed. This sofa bed helps you transform the space into a bedroom, or a living room, as per your convenience. These tend to widen the floor space of small rooms. You can stretch out the bed to make it a couch during the day, while you can retract the couch to the wall, and transform it into a bed at night.

Queen-Size Bed With Storage

Yet another smart solution you can think when buying space-saving furniture – the queen-size bed with storage. The queen size bed with storage is big enough to occupy almost the entire floor area of your home. So, it is only natural that you don’t block your space further by buying big storage units. A trendy style in space-saving furniture these days is the storage beds! A queen-size bed with storage is exactly what you need for your small space. These beds come with storage bunks underneath or at the sides.  You can store all bedding related things, and other essentials here, so that you don’t have to invest in separate storage units for the same.

Foldable wall table

A dining table may be too big for your home, but when you have friends and family over, you have to host them. So what do you do in this case? Foldable wall tables are the perfect solutions for you, in this case. These tables can be mounted on the walls with simple hinges. When not in use, they can stay mounted, but when you have people over, you can release these tables from the walls to act as a dining table. Wall-mounted tables not only improve the functionality of your homes, but they also play a huge role in increasing the visual appeal of your space.

Table Lamp with shelves

The idea of space-saving furniture is to make the most of minimal pieces. So here is a good idea on those lines –a table lamp with shelves! Today, you will find beautiful table lamps with 3 or 4 layers of shelves in almost all furniture studios. While the table lamp improves the look of your house, the shelves help you keep items like books, coffee mugs, plants and more.

Bunk beds

If you have kids at home, the best space-saving furniture you can invest in is the bunk bed. Buying two beds for two kids is not only costly, but it also occupies a lot of your floor space. Bunk beds, with cute little stairs at the sides to get to the top bunk help you place two beds in the place of one. The best thing is that it leaves you with enough space in your kids’ room for other furniture pieces like a study table, a shelf for toys and more.

Storage under the stairs

When you have stairs in your home to get to the first floor, you can think of putting the area under the stairs to good use. You can keep storage cabinets there, or have open shelves with plants, or do just about anything to maximize this space for storage. Since this space is concealed under the stairs, it doesn’t make your home look messy at all.

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